Support a Small Business in NJ : Receive Matching Discount

How to Support Other Businesses and Mine Together

Last Updated: May 21st, 2020

I shared this on Instagram earlier this year when business shut for the pandemic. I hope this will get our community helping each other out, and I will reward those who do.

I’m implementing this discount for the foreseeable future so keep following for updates.⁠

Please contact a local business who could use the support too and they can let their customers know that if they spend more with them, they’ll get more from me.⁠
Go spend in any local small business in your area, such as a restaurant, pet store, grocery store, etc, and take a photo of the receipt. ⁠

I will match what you spent, rounded up to the nearest $5, and give you that discount towards any future photo session OR artwork order (site for artwork coming soon). ⁠

This way, we rise as a community together and support everyone’s families. ⁠

Notes (will update/change as we go):⁠
* The max discount is currently $100.⁠
* Requires photo proof of a receipt from that business⁠.
* Discounts/credits are limited to 1 per session. Sorry, I can’t give away everything for free or pay out of pocket.⁠
* All photo sessions to take place in 2020⁠.

Call 973 307 0278 or visit my contact page if you have any questions.

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