New Site Painted Portrait Launch Special: $1500 Print Credit Extended to June 30th!

Extra Credit Towards your Wake Forest Hand-Painted Family Portraits

Last Updated: June 17th, 2021

Update June 17th: Thanks to the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce, this offer has been extended to June 30th, 2021.

Move to Wake Forest, North Carolina

Following our big move to Wake Forest, North Carolina, it felt like the perfect time to start anew with the painted portrait offerings I’ve been planning for years.

If you haven’t kept up on social media, I recently relaunched my family photography website. A couple of years ago, I became a Certified Professional Photographer within the Professional Photographers of America through training and testing to achieve one of the highest scores nationally. Yes, I’m bragging here since it was a lot of work and well worth it. Because of that and many professional painting classes, I’m proud to say that it has allowed me to really bring something new to my clients that I couldn’t have done years ago.

Painted Portraits for My Clients

What does that mean for you? I’ve added an even more luxurious feel to my photography by adding the final step of digitally hand-painted portraits. Museum-grade canvas is hand-painted with oil paints and accented with textures to bring the final artwork to life. Finally, the piece is professionally framed and ready to mount. Yes, it’s a lot of incredible painting and many hours, but it is truly a crafted masterpiece.

Or, if you want to break from traditional portraits and prefer my fantasy portraits to bring your kids’ incredible ideas to life, we do that too.

$1500 Additional Print Credit

My newsletter subscribers had a 1 week head start to reserve before this announcement went out to the general public! Hint: I will add you to my newsletter if you contact me. I’m offering 3 options with $1500 extra print credit, which will end on June 11th 30th. Then it’ll be full price.

Option 1: New Session

If you’re near me in the Wake Forest / North Raleigh area, let’s setup a new family session. Reserve a session by June 30th (the session itself just needs to be in 2021), and you’ll get that extra $1500 print credit. If you’re looking for a fantasy portrait, this is the only way to do it as I need to precisely light each person to fit correctly into the final scene.

Option 2: Paint Previous Session Photos

If, instead, we’ve already had a session over the years, I would love to create painted portraits for you. Let’s choose your favorite, and I will provide the same extra print credit beyond your initial deposit. I will ship you the final artwork if you’re not local.

Option 3: Have Your Own Photos Painted Professionally

This one is a little tricky. If you took the photo yourself and would like me to work my magic to turn it into a painted portrait, I would love to do that. However, if another photographer/person took the photo, he or she legally owns the copyright to that photo. So, you need a signed letter of permission from that photographer, and then send it to me. Same commission deposit and extra print credit. I will ship your final artwork if you’re not local.

Final prices are based on the print medium and size, so please call 984 212 7278 for more information or visit my contact page to see what works best for you. Multiple wall art orders receive more discounts.

Thanks and please share this to anyone looking for their own family masterpieces. Note: All sessions are reserved with a paid deposit to be fair to other clients.

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