Create Your Own “Bloomfield B” Cartoon Character

A Fun Build-Your-Own Character Project to Help Kids During the Time Home

Last Updated: March 23rd, 2020

My Bloomfield B sketch character

My original drawing that I decided to break into a create-your-own-character

As parents during this pandemic, we know it’s about keeping our kids safe, healthy, happy, and, of course, busy when they’re bored. I was inspired by everyone asking kids to put art in the window and finding other projects had me go back to my roots in drawing and cartooning.

Living here currently in Bloomfield, NJ, and seeing the support for #BloomfieldStrong had me think of a fun little “Bloomfield B” character to show my kids. Then, I thought it would be more fun to have kids be able to build their own cartoon character. All I had to do was give them a few parts like a Mr. Potato Head.

If your kids live outside of Bloomfield, just have them make their own letter and use the same parts! The B is just a starting shape, and they can honestly make anything they want. When they’re done creating, feel free to contact me and share. I’d love to see them!

Keep following me on social media as I hope to add more personal projects to have some fun with.

P.S. – My kids told me to “draw grape eyes” and draw “flower eyes” so a few ideas of theirs come to life. Enjoy!

Download the whole zip file

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